Preparing for your home cleaning

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Booking a cleaning service is a great way to free yourself up from everyday cleaning chores, but a little planning and proactivity will ensure you get the most out of the experience (and help and help the cleaners work their magic). Whether you’re a regular Mindful Maids customer or a first-timer unsure what to expect, here are five tips for a positive cleaning experience, right from our cleaners:

Prepare your home before your clean: We’ll supply the elbow grease, but you can help speed things along by clearing away any clutter, dishes and papers (or toys, if you’re a family home); putting away valuables and jewelry; and securing or removing highly fragile items to prevent any damage. The more we can focus on “cleaning” over “tidying”, the better the end result will be.

Introduce us to any fur-friends: We love animals, and if you’ve got any four-legged family members at home we encourage you to introduce us the first time we’re over. A quick meet-and-greet will help them feel more comfortable having us in their home.

Do a quick home walk-through: When we first arrive, show us around and point out priority items and areas for detailed attention. We’ll arrive with our own supplies for the job, but let us know if there are certain products of your own you’d prefer we use on certain areas or surfaces.

Small talk isn’t necessary: We’re always happy for a quick catch-up, but don’t be offended if we get down to business, or decline the offer of a drink. We’re here to provide a service and will have time constraints related to your clean; we want to ensure we make the most of the time you’ve booked with us.

Nor is a tip: Tipping is never expected. If you feel like we went above and beyond, there will be an opportunity to do so on the follow up email – but ultimately reviews and referrals are the best reward.

Need a little help with your spring cleaning? At Mindful Maids, our professional cleaners are bonded and insured, and ready to make your home sparkle and shine. We aim for exceptional service with every clean, but with our 200% guarantee you can rest assured that if anything is missed we’ll be back to make it right – on us.

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